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Michael Freeman’s Tea Break: The Life of Tea

By February 2, 2019 Photography No Comments
We all know the value of a cup of tea, and most visitors to this page will be equally acquainted with the significance of bestselling photographer-author Michael Freeman. While Freeman has provided the world with a prodigious number of books for photographers through ilex, he is, of course, also a working professional photographer (where else would all that knowledge come from?)

Happily, Freeman’s professional photographic interests have collided with those of ilex’s sister-company, Mitchell Beazley, in the form of the book The Life of Tea.

The history and variety of tea is a fascinating subject, and one that is much in vogue at the moment. Having picked up expertise on previous commissions in China, including the Tea Horse Road, Freeman was the obvious choice to accompany Timothy d’Offay in a journey to the world’s finest teas.

So, although not strictly a book for photographic professionals, those who follow Michael Freeman will no doubt be interested to see Michael and Timothy’s travels in China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka, learn more about the producers of some of the world’s finest teas and the characteristics that make these teas so sought after, including botany, cultivation, processing methods and the impact.

“Masterfully written, beautifully photographed”

– Nigel Slater

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